How not dwell on emotions and deal with them beautifully?

2 min readMay 26, 2022


This is a conversation very close to my heart with one of my friends.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Him- What if you get stuck in emotions?

Me- I do.


Him- Then it’s a circle no. You’ll get hurt in it again n again.

Me- We do. But then emotions are beautiful. They are the way to live. How do you live without emotions? Can you just sacrifice all the beautiful emotions just because of the fear of getting hurt again & again?

I don’t shut myself off from feeling things, to let myself in those emotions, I let them do what they do to me.

I let those emotions live in me. It’s beautiful when they are the good ones, and it’s even more beautiful when they conflict with you, your ways to feel.

I sit with them. It takes time for me to accept them when I get hurt by them. But i go ahead with no regret in the search for more beauty. More ways to feel things. More emotions.

Because it has always been my own choice to feel everything, to not stop myself from going ahead and shutting myself from feeling things Just because i had some bad experiences.

And don’t you think if we decide to close the doors to all the emotions, we are even more stuck?

Back to the question:

I have changed my opinion about how our life experiences are more about learning and less about proving ourselves as the victims.

I have come across, met, befriended, and spent time with hundreds & thousands of people if I exaggerate it, and I’m left with few gems in my life, whereas others left.

But do I feel bad about it?


All I feel is gratitude. All I’m is grateful. For those experiences that made me the person, I’m today.




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