I’m here to boast about my success story today.

2 min readSep 6, 2022

The story of how I was successful in completely unwinding my brain from work for the last three days, and all that was left in my brain were my thought, mind you, thoughts that were not about work.

After three days of exploring every street and delicious food of Udaipur, cramming google map locations and telling my guy the directions while sitting on the back seat of the scooty we rented there, I realized how my favourite kind of travel is “Slow Travel”.

I have always loved the concept of it, and never liked the idea of rushing it while on vacation, because for me the whole idea of a vacation is to slow down.

I don’t want to go to a place to just touch the popular locations of it and come back calling it a trip. I want to explore every street, i want to talk to people, ( people of Udaipur were unbothered and extra sweet), run into random cafes, and click out the best pictures, to look at them later.

I love documenting trips, that’s a personal thing.

But the city, oh the city, lakes in every corner, the rides, the vibe, the people, their life, oh man.

I spent my birthday roaming on the streets, running into random cute cafes of this beautiful city in a complicated dress because it was my birthday and I wanted to look good :D

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