Love is not what you think it is.

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Its 6:30 in the morning, it was raining outside, and it was actually fascinating to write to the sound of rain, was feeling a little restless, and tried sleeping, but couldn’t, so finally gave up on that, picked my laptop up to scribble some words down, while I enjoy the sound of my keyboard jamming straight with the raindrops outside. What a beautiful time to be alive. Wait, I’ll just grab a cigarette.

So here’s the thing, I have learned, experienced, read, and seen all the things about, how change is inevitable, how we have no control over things that will change, and the irony is everything well, so what do we hold on to? and what do we let go of? wait, I’m certain there’s beauty in change, change in weather when it rains, change in behavior when it pains, and changes in feelings when they go in vain, for too long, you know what I mean.

He said “I know people like you were born to fly, who was not meant to be in a cage forever, they were meant to wander around as they liked when they liked, and a bird who was made to fly doesn’t stop flying or start walking, because they knew even if they died, they will die while doing something, they knew even if they died, they will die while doing something, they knew they were meant to do, something they absolutely love, something they live for”

They know they can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, yet they fly.

Because that’s the on;y way to live, they know. That’s the on;y way to live when they feel the most alive, so they choose a life, where they can feel alive while they are living, without pretending to be someone else, they are not.

Love is a tricky thing, some of us are brave to think that we have figured it out, trust me if life was that easy, you will never know the complete meaning of something until you have lived your entire life in it, and maybe not even then.

Everyone has their own definition of love, trust, and betrayal, everyone is out there, every day, adding or deducting something or somewhat from it every day. I keep editing it too, like a content piece, like a painting, in the hope that it will turn out to be something meaningful or at least pretty when it will be finished.

I hope your turns out to be beautiful, but before you put a full stop to it, before you reach any conclusions, wait for it, it’s gonna change.

And if I must say, don’t follow the chalked out paths, don’t believe on the definitions of love someone else have concluded, for themselves, That is what they felt, and that is what they were capable of concluding out of that ocean where you can often get lost, maybe they just sat on the edge and imagined its depth, maybe you are the one who is dwelling, or you never know, swimming in it.

So let your definition of love be as bizarre a sight as possible for others’ eyes to see, if that makes sense to you, you are actually on the side of the win.

Let it be messy, frightening, ridiculously beautiful, or maybe edgy most times,
Let it be disloyal, full of misunderstandings, and out of dignity,
let it be dark, bright, senseless, and full of pain.

If you feel its love, it’s love, indeed.

If you loved what you read so far, you will love what’s coming in, this was an excerpt from my journal from one beautiful morning.

This is your reminder, that you can do it too, Medium doesn’t have to be about all things serious and how to’s list. Just find your jam and jam with it.

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