Watching It Drifting Apart!

Aug 13, 2022


(A piece of my heart)

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

I’m watching it,

drifting apart

Holding in hands,

My weak-ass heart

Cause I know, when it all started

How its gonna end

And how, what we have gonna fall apart.

How are you gonna stop sharing things

How am I’m gonna stop reacting to it

How one day, just like that

We’ll have nothing in common

We’ll have nothing to share.

Where we’ll clearly see,

“There’s no point of it”

And then we’ll avoid each other

And will rarely message

At that moment,

No matter how much you two want each other to stay

You’ll know, that even if you save it today

You can never save it enough,

To make everything the same again.

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