What are you looking for this Valentine’s Day; love or home?

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(And remember, this time when you walk out on that road, look for a home, love will follow.)

Look for a home, love will follow.

Valentine’s Day Hann?

I went on dates when i was this cute little clueless kid.

I want to talk about finding a home today, for you, for me, and for everybody, who has found one or is in search of one:

When I got out of my home and into this big, brave world,

clueless about things, which unfolded themselves later, and

things that are still there to unfold.

I fell in love with the idea of finding a home when

i was certain, there was no one place or person.

you can confide in for a lifetime.

Home for me

was that big ass house my father built for us

until I realized it wasn’t

Home for me when i came out of that giant house

was cluelessness

that built a home inside me

and I would often visit.

Home for me

have been people who have crossed paths with me.

spent time, lived life in bits and pieces, and made mistakes

and in those moments, there was life.

there was home.

Home for me has been love

for people around me,

who would also reciprocate it with kindness.

Home for me has been feelings

feelings i have felt

some strong ones,

and then some easy ones to deal with.

home for me has been the feelings that stayed

for years

Home for me has been memories

of dear ones I have lost along the way.

of friends I have made,

of strangers I have met,

of things I never said.

Home for me

has been hurt for the longest time

it has been pain

it has been life.

But here’s the thing, home was never just one thing or person; there were always different people, different things, and different feelings that made a home inside me, or I made a home inside them.

If i may add, it will never be about one person, one place, or one feeling; there’s more to it, and there’s more to life.

But go on to find your home, for you would wander clueless if you hadn’t found any yet, and what an amazing human being you are if you have found a home inside you.

It takes people years and decades to do that.

I’m always on my way, for a home, for a heart, for a life, for a hurt.

Listen to me: was there a person or a place that used to be your home but is no longer there? Take enough time to mourn the death of that home, but you need to get out on that road, to find another one, another home, and when you keep walking long enough and when that new home arrives, stop there. Don’t move, live there, as long as it allows you to do so, and when the time comes, move out and keep walking again.

It’s not about love, it’s about life, that never ending road of cluelessness that is life, where there are homes on each side of the road, which one is yours, And for how much time until you start walking on the road again? You would have to find out.

Also, a happy Valentine’s day for the love of home, that is yours for now!

And remember, this time when you walk out on that road, look for a home, love will follow.

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